About Magicomm’s Digital Pen Solutions

A digital pen will faithfully record digital coordinates of a pen’s ink-strokes on a form. It will apply date / time stamp information and it will even know which form is being written on and that’s about it.

In order to truly benefit from digital pen technology the application software sitting behind the hardware must perform well and is crucial to a successful implementation. The pen can only do so much but with Magicomm’s in-house user application development experience you get so much more :

  • Electronic delivery of your forms safely to a back-office server for processing – every time.
  • Security issues are taken care of.  Magicomm has implemented solutions for Police forces and has exceeded their requirements for data security
  • In-house design of your forms for the best user experience.
  • A software tool that can assist with your form layouts and design.
  • Automatic creation of perfect quality image formats including PDF.
  • You can even ‘play the form’ and watch it being completed in real-time.
  • The highest quality Hand Writing Recognition achieved with efficient use of lexicons.
  • Magicomm’s Knowledge Base’ HWR software learns about your word usage and delivers ever-improving results
  • Provide an intuitive – user friendly – data checking interface.
  • Toggle between ink and typeface – instantly.
  • Converting the data into a format compatible with other databases.
  • One or more data formats can be generated – you decide which
  • Integrating successfully with any existing back-end systems
  • Sending forms together with appended photographs.
  • Gather business critical management information
  • GPS coordinates can be appended to forms data

As well as the above you will also benefit from:

  • Minimal training to staff – its as simple as using a pen and paper
  • No changes to existing workflow – just cutting out processes such as scanning and double-keying
  • Low cost of ownership with a quick measurable ROI (Return on Investment)

Magicomm has successfully developed and deployed solutions for many market sectors including police, retail, logistics and finance as well as health care and has an unrivalled reputation for the quality of our applications.

To learn more and to arrange for a demonstration please contact us today on sales@magicomm.co.uk