Magicomm have developed a comprehensive range of applications that, through a powerful database management system can deal with the complex processing associated with examination taking, collation of data and distributed marking.

Due to the nature of digital pen and paper technology and the software assemblies developed by magicomm, management information previously impossible to obtain can be made available to teachers, administrators, markers, examination boards and government education departments.

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Benefits and Applications of DP & P for Education


  • Delivery of completed examination papers ready for marking in minutes saving time consuming and expensive delays in the logistical movement of papers
  • Deliver completed examination papers straight into magicomm’s education system called NEXUS
  • Auto mark significant numbers of answered questions always allowing qualified markers to override
  • Integrate manual and automatic marking providing markers with instant on-line guidelines to acceptable answers
    Centralise and collate results with the capability to drill down to the individual student
  • Gain unrivalled management information which will prove essential
  • Detection of cheating


  • Examinations and Tests
  • Marking
  • Summarising Results
  • Setting and establishing pass levels
  • Reports and Registrations
  • Real-time classroom learning using pen streaming applications