How does the Digital Pen work?

The digital pen uses ink and handles just like a normal ballpoint pen, but it also contains a digital camera, an advanced image processing system and more …


Digital Paper

The paper makes this innovation so special. Printed on normal paper there is a pattern consisting of millions of tiny dots, making it possible to identify the exact location of your pen.



Mercury is Magicomm’s unique messaging platform for mobile devices with up to 256 bit AES encryption. Mercury is works on a range of mobile devices and operating systems.


Compatiable Mobile Devices/Phones

Magicomm Mercury supports a wide range of operating systems. If you are unsure about a device then please check our site prior to purchasing any handset.


Compatiable Laser Printers

Digital forms can be printed in-house using own laser printer,  please check our site prior to purchasing any printer to ensure that they meet all the necessary requirements.