CareShare enables carers to have more time to care.

CareShare® is a dedicated solution designed specifically for Care Homes and Domiciliary Care. The only digital pen application available that enables the generation of customised Care Plans for the elderly.

Magicomm believes the future of care needs to be more on the provision of care with less time spent re-keying information that’s already been captured once. Record keeping is faithfully maintained with timely reminders automatically provided for re-assessments of needs.

Instead of providing a solution that is form focused Magicomm has, under the guidance and advise from Carers, developed CareShare which is uniquely patient centric.

CareShare – delivers a better carer experience with instant data access in mind, making it easier than ever for your care workers to carry out their record keeping duties whilst allowing more time to care at the time that it matters most.

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Create and Maintain CQC Compliant Care Records Easily.

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CareShare Key Features

Create and maintain personalised Care Plans with ease.

  • Determine if your care home has the necessary skill sets and staff availability to provide the required care for the individual.
  • Learn what specialist equipment and facilities are required for the individual resident.
  • The initial Assessment can be completed off-site or in your Care Home.

  • From the Initial Assessment, CareShare® will create a comprehensive personalised Care Plan in both Paper and Electronic format.
  • CareShare® will remind you when reassessments are due and automatically update the Care Plans.
  • CareShare® will provide reminders for resident appointments Access electronic Care Plans from any secure PC, Tablet or Mobile device.


Care Plan compliance contributes positively to your Care Home’s CQC rating.