Transportation & Logistics

Magicomm was the first company to develop and deploy a transportation and logistics application in the UK. The technology enables not only confirmation of delivery but most importantly proof, with accurate signature capture.

In the highly competitive environment of logisitcs, having a technology solution which drivers can adopt quickly with minimal training is critical. Drivers tend not to be technology inclined.

In summary Magicomm’s digital pen and paper solutions for this industry sector are powerful, incredibly easy to use and deliver compelling reasons for adoption.

Benefits and Applications of DP & P for Retail & Private Sector


  • Significantly improves cashflow
  • Reduce customer disputes and improve remedy
  • Monitor real-time activity
  • Provides a competitive edge
  • Monitor delivery arrival and unloading waiting times


  • Delivery Notes
  • Goods Inspections Reports
  • Barcode enabled P.O.D’s
  • Real-Time Client Reporting
  • Vehicle Logistics


Case Study: NYK Logistics & Megacarriers – Proof of Delivery System


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