Capture data with your device
Anyform, Anywhere, Anyhow

Write, Touch or Type – the choice is yours so you can use whatever works best for you.

    • Write
      Use a Digital Pen to complete forms, write and draw naturally, add notes to files, sign documents.
    • Touch
      Use a Smart phone or Tablet to complete forms online or offline, skip through questions, add photos, and GPS coordinates.
    • Type
      Use a keyboard on a Tablet or Laptop – Magicomm want you to use what’s best for you.

OpenForms® is based upon closely-listened-to-feedback from a range of industry sectors. The application has been developed and refined specifically for the needs of forms based system and delivers an incredible range of functionality.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Print your own forms locally
    Print on demand without investing in print stock that can be subject to form design changes
  • Achieve extremely high levels of Hand Writing Recognition
    User defined libraries and Magicomm’s unique ‘Knowledge Base’ engine will consistently improve your results
  • Validate your data for accuracy 
    All forms data for integration with your existing back-end systems can be efficiently checked. Full Page and toggle between “ink” and “text” view is available, split screen – “ink” top “text” bottom with synchronised scrolling and the popular ink-snippet field view.
  • Deliver forms securely via a mobile/ docking station/ Bluetooth node
    Flexible data delivery
  • Add photographs, videos and Barcode information to forms data
    Make forms more meaningful
  • Pre-validate key information and incorporate mandatory fields
    Save time chasing missing details and improve form completion
  • Replace ink-strokes with  editable ‘typed text’ on PDFs
    Everyone can read a “typed-up” form whilst keeping an ink-stroke master
  • Maintain a comprehensive audit-trail of any changes made
    Provide a record of all changes made to data – automatically
  • Replay the completion of your forms in real time
    Provides invaluable management information
  • Highly intuitive user-interface
    Requires minimal training
  • and much more …

It’s the Pen and Paper you know, only better

The digital pen makes it easy to transform handwritten notes and drawings into a digital format. This solution is ideal for any business or organisation where staff take notes, complete forms or creates drawings.

Significant time and efficiency savings have gained as a result of using digital Pen and Paper solutions. Forms can be tailored to meet your requirements and once information is capture it can be easily integrated into back-office systems.

  • Capture everything you write
  • Easy to use technology and minimal changes to working practices
  • Reduces double entry of information and frees up more time

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