Capture data with your device
Anyform, Anywhere, Anyhow

Write, Touch or Type – the choice is yours so you can use whatever works best for you.

    • Write
      Use a Digital Pen to complete forms, write and draw naturally, add notes to files, sign documents.
    • Touch
      Use a Smart phone or Tablet to complete forms online or offline, skip through questions, add photos, and GPS coordinates.
    • Type
      Use a keyboard on a Tablet or Laptop – Magicomm want you to use what’s best for you.

OpenForms® is based upon closely-listened-to-feedback from a range of industry sectors. The application has been developed and refined specifically for the needs of forms based system and delivers an incredible range of functionality.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Print your own forms locally
    Print on demand without investing in print stock that can be subject to form design changes
  • Achieve extremely high levels of Hand Writing Recognition
    User defined libraries and Magicomm’s unique ‘Knowledge Base’ engine will consistently improve your results
  • Validate your data for accuracy 
    All forms data for integration with your existing back-end systems can be efficiently checked. Full Page and toggle between “ink” and “text” view is available, split screen – “ink” top “text” bottom with synchronised scrolling and the popular ink-snippet field view.
  • Deliver forms securely via a mobile/ docking station/ Bluetooth node
    Flexible data delivery
  • Add photographs, videos and Barcode information to forms data
    Make forms more meaningful
  • Pre-validate key information and incorporate mandatory fields
    Save time chasing missing details and improve form completion
  • Replace ink-strokes with  editable ‘typed text’ on PDFs
    Everyone can read a “typed-up” form whilst keeping an ink-stroke master
  • Maintain a comprehensive audit-trail of any changes made
    Provide a record of all changes made to data – automatically
  • Replay the completion of your forms in real time
    Provides invaluable management information
  • Highly intuitive user-interface
    Requires minimal training
  • and much more …

It’s the Pen and Paper you know, only better

The digital pen makes it easy to transform handwritten notes and drawings into a digital format. This solution is ideal for any business or organisation where staff take notes, complete forms or creates drawings.

Significant time and efficiency savings have gained as a result of using digital Pen and Paper solutions. Forms can be tailored to meet your requirements and once information is capture it can be easily integrated into back-office systems.

  • Capture everything you write
  • Easy to use technology and minimal changes to working practices
  • Reduces double entry of information and frees up more time
  • We have been using Magicomm’s OpenForms platform for our sales order data-capture and integrated it with our Blue Box sales order processing system. Since going down this route we have speeded up the data capture massively and have freed up a member of staff that was previously re-keying all orders received. Magicomm understood our requirements from the outset and have met all of our expectations and some.

    Marrum Distribution Limited
    Chris Marrum
    CEO Marrum Distribution Limited
  • We, at T2 Technology, were using a solution from a different supplier and achieved limited benefits which were a lot less than expected. We were about to give up on digital pens when we came across Magicomm. We jumped ship and deployed Magicomm’s OpenForms platform which is brilliant and does deliver to our expectations and more. We are expanding the number of forms for use with digital pens. Magicomm has been, and continues to be, a company that we can rely on for integrity and support. We have no hesitation in recommending Magicomm and the OpenForms platform.

    T2 Technology Fire & Security
    Mark Shepherd
    Director - T2 Technology Ltd
  • The OpenForms digital pen platform has proven to be capable, user friendly and reliable which is essential in our business.

    As a company Magicomm has consistently demonstrated its commitment to provide us with excellent customer service.

    Peter Staines
    Managing Director, Peter Staines Refrigeration Ltd
  • Using the OpenForms platform enables our business to develop forms on a real time basis. In a 24/7/365 service industry, it’s paramount we’re able to be flexible with our customer demands which, consequently, means our method of recording and reporting has to be easily adaptable too: OpenForms successfully provides this. Magicomm’s team of developers provided excellent technical support when aligning our administration procedures.

    Andrew Walker
    Operations Manager, Eaton Williams Services Ltd
  • The OpenForms solution is now integral to our business. Our engineers are able to submit paperwork back to the local contact instantly, giving us complete control and visibility of the work being carried out. The system has proved itself time and time again to be both reliable and user friendly. Magicomm has demonstrated an excellent level of service from day one. Their support is second to none.

    Miles Slack
    Service Desk Specialist, LH Group Ltd
  • The digital pen technology has allowed our business to react quicker to our customer needs – the information comes in from the field straight into our system, allowing our service administrators to process the paperwork quickly and efficiently. With 23 mobile service engineers to look after, having a user-friendly and reliable system is extremely important to us, along with the excellent back-up support that Magicomm consistently provides.

    Natalie Hedges
    Service Support Manager, PSR

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