Customers that have commissioned Magicomm to develop customised applications include Dorset Police, Moss Bros and City and Guilds to name a few.

Magicomm is entirely responsible for the applications it delivers and does not outsource its work to any third parties.

In order to do this well Magicomm has spent over ten years developing software libraries/assemblies that significantly improve the functionality and performance of the technology. Magicomm has totally re-written the Anoto software development kit, added numerous enhancements to the graphical development kit and has taken handwriting recognition to a new level of accuracy curtailing unwelcome user restraints on form

Magicomm is able to offer image and data in any format required by the customer. This means that the customers’ back-office systems can integrate the data captured on forms completed with digital pens or Tablets, iPads Android or Microsoft Tablets. Captured data can be exported either in real time or based on an event or time driven.

In-house skills allow us to develop and deliver Digital Pen or Tablet based solutions quickly and efficiently in virtually any business environment.

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