For flexibility, reliability and control over ‘print finishing’. Print Magic is Magicomm’s proprietary digital print preparation software. PrintMagic was originally developed for in‐house use and has provided invaluable control over the printing process of the Anoto dot pattern for all of Magicomm’s customers using unique dot pattern.


  • Speeds up the process of rendering the dot pattern combined with a form’s artwork.
  • Organise large print jobs into customer pre-defined batches for the creation of pads.
  • Include one of more NCR copies in order to deliver pre-collated print jobs.
  • Add customisable incrementing serial numbers to forms
  • Add customer provided static, variable or incrementing barcodes
  • Knock out pattern from specific print areas
  • Generate A4 or A3 forms and 2 x A4 side-by- side on A3
  • Full impositioning capability to automatically calculate page order for A3 folded booklets
  • Output in print-ready PDF or Postscript format
  • Stores known values for specific forms enabling quick re-runs with minimal user input.
  • Has an intuitive user interface requiring minimal training
  • Complements the OpenForms and CareShare platforms as well as Magicomm’s Tailored applications