Client: Auger Solutions

Industry: Insurance

Country: United Kingdom

Technology: Digital Pen and Paper

Industry: Insurance Services, United Kingdom


Auger was established in 1994 following the advent of ‘Project Managed Subsidence Claims’, to provide a comprehensive single source site and drainage investigation service, designed to meet the insurance industry’s specific requirements when handling subsidence claims. Auger is unique amongst its competitors in that we are a professional investigation consultancy which has evolved from an engineering background and not a contractor or franchise.


To capture and integrate service reports into back office database, quickly and correctly. Each completed form took several minutes to manually process which increased errors and costs.


Magicomm re-designed the existing form to make it suited to mobile digital pen data capture. Each service inspection staff was issued with a mobile phone running the Mercury platform which enabled them to check that the key report data was correct before it was transferred to the back office. Once the data is sent it is displayed on a central web site showing the original form along with the converted data.

From administration site, staff can view real time statistics thus enabling them to allocate resources where required. Automatic data feeds and reporting are also produced from the site which in turn removes the majority of the previous administration function.


With the removal of the manual form processing, a cost and time saving is instantly evident thus providing a quick return on investment. The inspection staff are able to return accurate, fast data thanks to the Mercury platform and management are always updated on the daily inspection activities. All original paper reports are now easily available from an electronic archive, and no collection of paper report is needed. Minimal training is required for the inspection staff as they are still using a pen and paper as they did previously.