perth-kinross-Housing-and-Community-CarePerth& Kinross Council

Perth and Kinross Council opt for Magicomm’s OpenForms platform to capture data for Housing Repairs within the Community.

A full system installed behind firewalls will be rolled out over the coming months to streamline data collection, exporting data ready for their back-end systems.



cityandguildsCity & Guilds Rollout Magicomm Application

Magicomm has designed, developed and delivered a bespoke solution to City & Guilds. The platform manages bookings, examination marking in the field and the automatic issuance of certificates to successful candidates. The cloud-based application can be accessed and data entered via the keyboard, smartphones, and tablets or with digital pens. Full transition to the new system will be completed by the end of July for a hundred City & Guilds centres. Processes have been streamlined and the time taken to issue certificates has been massively reduced. The system also automatically notifies students, via SMS, of their results.



opemforms-reportingUser Definable Reporting Feature Added to OpenForms Platform

The OpenForms platform now offers reporting as standard. Users can, at a basic level, check on the volume of forms or form types by all, groups or individual users over given time periods. Advanced functions enable “drilling down” so that captured data can be analysed and presented graphically with auto formatting.




irish-railIrish Rail – Magicomm wins contract to supply digital pen based solution for railway car maintenance application.

After a Pilot that required specific technical objectives to be met dealing with safety critical issues Magicomm was invited to tender for the contract with Irish Rail.





bcpftBlack Country Partnership select Magicomm as its preferred digital pen supplier.

After trialling with two digital pen companies side-by-side for several months Magicomm demonstrated its ability to quickly enable output data files to comply with Oasis Medical Solution’s back-end system. Furthermore, the user management facilities within OpenForms were found to be intuitive and wide-ranging requiring minimal support.




Magicomm develops a real “Traffic Light” system for railway maintenance bays.


Digital Pen users unable to rely on mobile phones but still needing to get data from the pen to the OpenForms platform in a timely fashion caused Magicomm to come up with a novel solution. Using a high-gain Bluetooth receiver maintenance engineers were able to transmit the digital pen data from over 100 metres away. Because of the three level form completion rules Magicomm innovated a traffic light visual system that can be viewed by the user at the point of form transmission; a red light indicated Safety Critical mandatory fields were incomplete, an orange light indicated fields of a non-critical nature were incomplete and a green light indicated that the form was properly completed and the train was “good to go”.