About Us

Magicomm has been writing software for data capture since 2003. We enjoy a strong reputation amongst our peers and customers.  Our main focus of is always on the user experience, stream lining processes and saving money.

Magicomm’s OpenForms platform leads the field in Digital Pen and Tablet based application solutions. Furthermore it was developed totally in-house and is refined on an on-going basis. This ensures OpenForms can be relied upon in business critical processes that depend upon accurate, timely data capture.


Our Mission

Magicomm’s mission is to simplify forms’ based data-capture and make information accessible to those that need it – at the time it matters.

By making information accessible to people anywhere in the world at the time it matters most, we enable rapid forms delivery with quality conversion to digital format, freeing up time for your staff to do what they do best.

Magicomm, with almost thirteen years of specialist experience, design, develop and deliver digital pen and paper applications for business, consistently exceeding customer expectations. With more in-house expertise specialising in this proven technology than any other service provider, Magicomm deliver quality solutions on time and within budget.

Reducing bureaucracy, improving efficiency and saving money is what Magicomm’s customers can expect to achieve. With these goals attained the customer will enjoy a rapid return on investment with high acceptance levels of the technology from the end-users.

Whether you prefer to use digital pens or Tablets (or both), Magicomm’s OpenForms platform customers can be self-sufficient very quickly. Digital forms can be developed and deployed (or published) by the customer without incurring hidden development and support costs. Magicomm is always in the background ready to provide support when required.

Magicomm offer the best end-to-end solution for data-capture. Magicomm is totally responsible for what Magicomm proudly delivers – and will maintain its market lead.

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