A Digital pen is a high technology interface/device that converts handwritten analogue information created using “digital pen and paper” into digital data, enabling the data to be utilised in various applications. It writes like a traditional ball-point pen!

The digital pen is a sophisticated integration of Maxell electronics embodied in a sleek style. It converts analogue information (handwritten forms into digital data and stores it in its built-in memory ready for uploading via Bluetooth via a smart phone or a USB docking cradle.

Digital Pen Featuresdigital-pen-4

  • Convert handwriting into computer readable text accurately
  • Eradicate double keying
  • Validate key-fields at the point of entry
  • Ensure data integrity
  • Send a perfect pdf image of completed documents in seconds
  • No more scanning, automatic electronic format archiving
  • Bluetooth wireless and USB Docking
  • Docking Station Versatile
  • Deliver a data file in any format from the OpenForms platform for integration to back-office systems in seconds
  • Speed up processing
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Little or no training, it’s pen and paper
  • High user acceptance
  • Secure data transmission with up to 256 bit AES encryption



Digital Pen with cradle for mobile use combined with cradle base

Digital Pen Specifications

Model G303/ DP201 (Bluetooth® + USB model)
Weight 30g
Dimensions 153 x 19 x 17mm (without a cap) 157 x 21 x 18mm (with a cap)
Data communication USB 1.1 standard (USB 2.0 standard can be used) Bluetooth® 1.2 standard
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C (with no condensation)
Built-in Battery Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Operation Time 2 hours (120 minutes) or longer
Standby Time 10 hours (600 minutes) without a cap
Charging Time Approx. 2.5 hours
Charging Method Via cradle (AC adapter/USB)

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