Banking and Insurance

Banks and Insurance companies are burdened by and dependent upon paperwork more than any other industry sector.

There are many forms where Magicomm can provide real tangible benefits with their solutions. To take a simple credit card application form or loan agreement as examples, tremendous gains in efficiencies can be achieved resulting in increased revenues, reduced expenditure and eradication of intermediary processes.

Benefits and Applications of DP & P for Banking and Insurance


  • Faster form processing times
  • Eradication of re-keying
  • Automatic data archiving
  • Removes the need for scanning of completed forms
  • Full automatic data validation with integrated look-ups for instant decisioning


  • Insurance application forms (Life, private health, pet, etc.)
  • Insurance report and claims forms
  • Credit Card and Loan applications
  • FSA compliance and reporting
  • Face to face Customer Data Capture