Police, Healthcare, Estate Agents, Plumbers, Electricians, Merchandising, Surveyor, Health & Safety Inspectors, Timesheet, Expenses, Engineers Reports, Pest Control, Lab Research Reports, Incident Reports, Insurance Brokers, …

Are you tired of the endless paper work? Do you know there’s a better way?

Whether you are a one man band or a larger company we can help automate your systems and get them running smoothly!


Our Openforms will help you:

  • Save Time – Our forms get filled in and a quote can be instantly generated
  • Save Money – Time is money and just think of how much you could be earning if we helped save you 10, 20 or even 30 hours a month.
  • Improve Service – Our best way to market is using referrals, if your service improves your referrals will improve also.
  • Make Inspections a Breeze – Gather all the data including photos, videos and more in one place.
  • Barcode Readers – Use your smart phone’s in-built camera to read barcodes.




From car fleet management to production line support, the automotive industry is heavily reliant on forms processing.



Magicomm have developed several applications including; Enrolment, Assessment, Examination and Sign-in forms.


Banking & Insurance

Banks and Insurance companies are burdened by and dependent upon paperwork more than almost any other industry sector.


Government & Local Authorities

Magicomm’s digital pen and paper solutions are certain to reduce costs considerably and speed up or cut out processes resulting in reducing unwanted bureaucracy.


Police & Law Enforcement

Magicomm have spent many years working with the police, and have gained enormous insight into the administrative challenges police face in dealing with the increasing levels of paperwork.

> View case study – Dorset Police



Today’s healthcare industry is under pressure to reduce clinical and administrative costs and meet tighter compliance and security mandates. Magicomm provides the technology, services, consulting and e-business experience you need to meet those demands and realize new opportunities in the ever-changing healthcare environment.

> View case study – Lambeth PCT NHS


General Retail

Digitise all your existing forms using Magicomm’s OpenForms software. A complete forms on demand solution.
View case study – Moss Bros Hire


Transport & Logistics

In the highly competitive environment of logistics, having a technology solution which drivers can adopt quickly with minimal training is critical. Drivers tend not to be technology inclined.


Employee New Starter Form

Incorporate new employees in your payroll without delay and double data entry. Capture signature and even photo for added security and verification.


Survey Forms

Know what your customers say about the food you serve them without taking their time. Our online survey form will do the job.


Health & Safety

Electronically capture and store all incident, risk assessment, fire alarm reports within seconds. Stay within the law and carry out all regular checks with a digital pen.



Get more donations for your charity with just a few clicks of our Charity Donation Form and instantly send them to head office.