Magicomm can offer expert advice on how digital pen and paper solutions can improve the way today’s healthcare operates.

Todays healthcare industry is under pressure to reduce clinical and administrative costs and meet tighter compliance and security mandates.

Magicomm provides the technology, services, consulting and e-business experience you need to meet those demands and realize new opportunities in the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Benefits and Applications of DP & P for Healthcare


  • Reduces paperwork by converting handwriting text into digital data
  • Improves and streamlines work flow
  • Real-time data sharing between hospitals and consultants


  • Patient Records and Reports
  • Dentist Records
  • Prescription Forms
  • Nurse Visit Forms
  • Child Care
  • Elderly Care
  • Pregnancy Notes
  • Research Notes
  • Dementia Care
  • Physical & Mental Care Reports
  • Ambulance Call Out Reports
  • Survey & Questionnaires
  • Care Quality Monitoring

Case Study: LPCT Community Workers

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