Magicomm’s infrastructure has been built to withstand the scrutiny of the most demanding customers.

Many applications developed, quickly become business critical processes and as such Magicomm offers scalability, full redundancy and 24/7 support.

Two choices are available:

Cloud based hosting – where possible Magicomm recommend Amazon as the company to provide cloud hosting and with three years experience Magicomm is fully conversant with the mix of offerings. Usually an application is developed in-house and then deployed to the cloud within a virtual container running MYSQL or MS SQL as the core database. As Amazon’s data centres are based in the Republic of Ireland and the United States there is sometimes an issue storing and processing public data outside of UK borders. In these circumstance Magicomm can recommend a G-Cloud service with up to an IL3 security standard.

Self Hosting – quite often organisations prefer to host their own services on their own servers. This is fine and something that Magicomm has done many times. However, to ensure robust and good performance Magicomm will set out a minimum server specification based on the number of users and throughput of transactions. Once the server hardware has been agreed Magicomm can, in most instances, deploy the application remotely. When a remote install is not an option then Magicomm’s engineers will perform an on-site installation.