The OpenForms application has been developed and refined to meet the needs of a wide range of industry sectors and deliver an incredible range of functionality.

OpenForms offers powerful, fast and easy to use forms for digital pen, iPad and Android OS powered tablets. Reduce paperwork, no scanning, simple administration of data and all in virtually real-time at affordable price.

The solution is incredibly cost effective and forms can be automated in a matter of minutes and will return the form data exactly as it was written by field-based staff in just 45 seconds transforming your service to a new level. This will remove all form postage / return to base costs and all paper scanning / data entry costs that are normally associated with paper forms.



The solution to mobile working

[bullets color=”#7AB80E”]
[bullet]Handwritten and keyboard data entry[/bullet]
[bullet]All forms returned within 45 seconds[/bullet]
[bullet]Remove the cost of postage, data entry and scanning[/bullet]
[bullet]Reduce carbon footprint by eliminating duplicated carbon copies[/bullet]
[bullet]Print forms in house as required[/bullet]
[bullet]Pre-populate forms to reduce writing[/bullet]
[bullet]Change and update forms as often as required[/bullet]
[bullet]Attach photos, videos, Sound and drawing to form[/bullet]
[bullet]Customise forms per contract/ customer[/bullet]


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Our clients are seeing more than 75% cost reduction with OpenForms
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Complete List of Features

[tabs_item title=”Overview“]

  • Design your own forms
    With a professional look and feel, Cut development costs by bringing form design in-house using the full design suite or the fantastic new Quick Designer
  • Print your own forms locally
    Print on demand without investing in print stock that can be subject to form design changes
  • Achieve extremely high levels of Hand Writing Recognition
    User defined libraries and Magicomm’s unique ‘Knowledge Base’ engine will consistently improve your results
  • Validate your data for accuracy
    All form’s data for integration with your existing back-end systems can be efficiently checked
  • Deliver forms securely via a mobile, docking station or Bluetooth node
    Comply with data transmission security guidelines
  • Add photographs, barcodes, videos and audio information to forms data (GPS data can be added using 3rd party app)
    Make forms more meaningful
  • Pre-validate key information and incorporate mandatory fields
    Save time chasing missing details and improve form completion
  • Replace ink-strokes with editable ‘typed text’ on PDFs
    Everyone can read a “typed-up” form whilst keeping an ink-stroke master
  • Maintain a comprehensive audit-trail of any changes made
    Provide a record of all changes made to data – automatically
  • Replay the completion of your forms in real time
    Provides invaluable management information

[tabs_item title=”Design Forms“]

  • Supports most common paper sizes
    • A3 size – Portrait or Landscape format
    • A4 size – Portrait or Landscape format
    • A5 size – Portrait or Landscape format
    • Letter size –  Portrait or Landscape format
  • Single or Multiple pages Forms (upto 256 page per form)
  • Send Single page, Multiple pages or All forms at once
  • Upload pre-designed PDF
  • Change PDF (form design)
  • Export digital pen designed forms to another OpenForms environment
  • Import digital pen designed forms from another OpenForms environment
  • Add Functionality
    • Date Field
    • Time Field
    • Postcode Look up
    • Radio Buttons
    • Check Boxes
    • Cursive Handwrting
    • Isolated Characters
    • Custom Characters
    • Isolated Numbers
    • Apply Dictionary Words
    • Apply Dictionary Phrases
    • Apply Custom Text
  • Add automated tasks (events)
  • Apply complex business logic to forms
  • Apply workflow to forms
  • Edit with Advanced Designer
  • Continuation Sheets
  • Apply Lexicons
  • Image Only
  • Add Labels
  • Comprehensive Version Control

[tabs_item title=”Print Forms“]

  • Set up Multiple Printers
  • Print Single Side or Duplex
  • Print NCR Copies
  • Print NCR Copies in Black & White (to reduce printing cost)
  • Print to file (pdf or postscript)
  • Print files on DropBox


[tabs_item title=”View Forms“]

  • View Received Forms in Global Search
  • View Received Forms by Type
  • View Received Forms in Calendar view


[tabs_item title=”Admin“]

  • Manage Users
  • Add custom logo
  • Add custom title
  • Add custom “splash page”
  • Change Colour theme
  • System Log
  • Add Custom Fields
  • Change Ink Colour
  • Select Time Zone
  • Select Language
  • Pen Encryption (enable/ disable)
  • Set Mercury Response
  • Set Password Policy
  • Update Licence Key
  • Send Pidget Customisation
  • SMTP Settings
  • Powershell Script
  • Manage Lexicons
  • Maintenance Tasks
  • Scheduled Tasks


[tabs_item title=”Help & Support“]

  • Comprehensive Online Help
  • Video Tutorials on “How to…”
  • Support Desk
  • Telephone