magicomm, develop and deliver the best digital pen & paper applications for business, consistently exceeding expectations.

Reducing bureaucracy, improving efficiency and saving money is what magicomm achieve for its customers.

With more in-house expertise specialising in this new technology than any other service provider, magicomm always delivers on time, on budget and achieves complete customer satisfaction.

magicomm partner with Anoto as a Global Service Provider with offices in the UK, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, India and the United Arab Emirates. magicomm also has a number of partners both in the UK and around the world that draw upon magicomm’s experience and application development capability. Our partners provide business solutions and local support for our customers.

magicomm provide the complete digital pen solution in-house

magicomm designed and developed the Mercury messaging platform that takes Remote Field Worker automation to a new level of sophistication. The combination of Mercury and the magicomm G303 digital pen creates the most powerful and intuitive user experience. Mercury guarantees data delivery and establishes a two way communication link for remote users.

The magicomm G303 digital pen is made uniquely for magicomm by Hitachi Maxell Japan. The pens reliability and performance together with superb design engineering and quality made Maxell the preferred digital pen provider.

magicomm are proud of its ability to offer the complete digital pen and paper application development end-to-end in-house. magicomm is TOTALLY responsible for what magicomm delivers.