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Speed up processing
No scanning or double-keying
Digital Pen and Tablet solution

The OpenForms platform is proven and will deliver the benefits you’re looking for. Putting you in control, you can design and deploy forms for data capture in-house. Works perfectly with digital pen and paper or with iPads and Android Tablets or a combination to suit your requirements.

Remove any ‘bottlenecks’ and experience the benefits that OpenForms will deliver – paying for itself in no time!

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Capture Data from Forms naturally!

Whether you prefer pen and paper or tablets OpenForms has been developed to provide you with a complete data capture solution.

From form design to deploying your forms on Paper or Tablets, to data delivery and integration, all from within the OpenForms platform.

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Forms Data Capture using laptop - Magicomm OpenForms

Forms Data Capture using laptop - Magicomm OpenForms

Forms Data Capture using tablet -Magicomm OpenForms


Transform your form-based operations without reinventing your business processes. Magicomm offers an all-in-one platform for Digital Pen, Web and Mobile form solutions that solve your data-driven challenges.

Simply import your existing form as a PDF and the OpenForms will take care of the rest. Digital form is created instantly.

With over 14 years of experience in helping customers, we’ll provide you all the assistance you need to achieve your target.

Make your forms more responsive by using advanced intelligent features. Based on responses, you can determine whether to show and hide additional questions or skip to a new page entirely.

Make OpenForms as individual as you, settings allows you to customise the look, feel and workflow to your requirement.

OpenForms automatically adjusts the form to fit into any device, from mobile phone to tablet to wide screen monitors to make you more productive.

New features and templates are regularly added to the system to make use of all the available technology and provide you with all the benefits.

Forms Data Capture using tablet -Magicomm OpenForms


Thousands of users are going about their daily schedules knowing Magicomm is there to keep their data safe. Here’s why they love it so much.

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