Industry leading 256 bit encryption enabled messaging platform for mobile devices and PC’s.

Mercury is magicomm’s mobile device software platform. It performs multiple functions including file handling, data encryption, photo upload, auto start, retry, file routing, instant messaging, GPS positioning and calendar scheduling. Mercury guarantees data delivery up and down with confirmation.

Magicomm Mercury

Mercury has been developed for the Symbian series 60, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Android platforms. Mercury also operates whole range of Microsoft supported devices including PDA’s, tablets, laptops, PC’s and servers. These operating environments can co-exist without any loss of functionality within one or more applications.

Due to the nature of Mercury’s design, the platform is capable of interacting with applications and mobile device native functions whilst maintaining its ability to perform all of an applications required tasks in the background. Data collected from peripheral devices such as a pgc file from the digital pen (magicomm G303) work seamlessly with Mercury requiring little or no user intervention.

Simply by ticking a box on the page, the data is instantly sent to your mobile device and Mercury takes care of the rest. Your forms data is guaranteed to be delivered.

Mercury featuresMagicomm Mercury

  • Enables single or multiple forms based Digital Pen and Paper interactive applications to run on mobile devices.
  • Applications can be deployed and updated “over the air”
  • Photo Upload
  • GPS Positioning
  • Instant call and text logging data
  • Calendar scheduling
  • Allows forms based data to be intelligently routed to differing target URLs or back-office systems
  • Facilitates partial application execution to be run on the device for data validation and integrity prior to submitting the data for delivery
  • Offers unique user interactivity with digital pen and paper based applications
  • Incorporates “message queuing” which guarantees data delivery and response
  • Delivers a dynamic context-based application User Interface
  • Mercury can send and receive graphical data accompanying standard text and user editable fields
  • Data can be sent/received with 128 bit, 198 bit or 256 bit AES encryption
OS Devices Models Communication Platform Magicomm Push Technology
Android Click here to view latest supported devices Mercury Yes

Nokia Series 60 Version 2

Click here to view latest supported devices Mercury Yes
Nokia Series 60 Version 3
Symbian 9
Click here to view latest supported devices Mercury Yes
Java Click here to view latest supported devices Merury Mariner No
Blackberry Click here to view latest supported devices Mercury 467 Available 
Through  Blackberry e-mail push integration
Windows Mobile 5 Click here to view latest supported devices Mercury M5 Yes