Mercury for Nokia

Magicomm MercuryMercury is Magicomm’s mobile device software platform for Nokia devices with the Symbian Series 60 operating system. It performs multiple functions including file handling, data encryption, photo upload, auto start, retry, file routing, instant messaging, GPS positioning and calendar scheduling. Mercury guarantees data delivery up and down with confirmation.

Check to see if your device is compatible here: Compatible Mobile Devices

Installing and Setting Up Mercury

  1. Download the software from the link in the SMS message sent to you by Magicomm
  2. Install Mercury onto the phone memory only [if prompted]
  3. Open Mercury [can usually be found under Installations or Applications]
  4. Press Options -> Settings -> Engineering Code
  5. Enter Engineering Code: 0183
  6. Phone may beep
  7. Select the correct access point for your phone internet connection [if prompted, it usually contains the phrase ‘Mobile Internet’]
  8. When prompted, enter the Application Code given to you by Magicomm
  9. Press Options -> Confirm
  10. Wait for a green screen and press Options  -> Confirm again
  11. Pair the pen up with the phone via Bluetooth [Found in Main Menu -> Connectivity -> Bluetooth]

Please note, whenever you receive feedback from Mercury, you must dismiss it by pressing Options -> Confirm. Mercury will not process any additional data until you do so.

Request Mercury

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