Customer GAB Robins UK
Industry Insurance     Country United Kingdom
Challenge To improve the speed, accuracy and quality of the claim assessment process for field based loss adjusters.
Solution A digital pen solution incorporating a full set of business rules to aid the workflow and ease of forms completion. Data is instantly integrated into the GAB claims system.
Benefit Claims are now turned around with far greater speed and efficiency than was previously possible due to the extensive integration work carried out by magicomm.


We have trebled the number of claims settled within 10 days.
John Castagno, CEO
GAB Robins


The GAB Robins Group of Companies provides a comprehensive network of loss adjusting, third party administration and managed care services that spans 50 countries across the globe. With over 750 offices and more than 4,000 employees worldwide, GAB Robins handles approximately two million claims annually, providing seamless claims services domestically and globally for the property and casualty insurance market.


The form that a loss adjuster completes when on a site visit is a complicated six page document which has a number of strict business rules that need to be adhered to. Because of this, GAB Robins were finding that not only was the data slow in being returned to the Head Office for processing, the quality of data was poor because these rules were not being followed.

The challenge facing GAB Robins was to ensure that the adjusters completed the form correctly and the data was entered into their exising claims system far quicker


magicomm performed a lengthy and detailed analysis of the issues facing the site visit process and designed a digital pen solution to overcome them. The form was re-designed by our in-house design team to make it easy to use and compatible with the digital pen. This was done in full co-operation with the client.

The next step was to create an application service handler (ASH) which is the bespoke software that processes the stroke data when it is sent. The ASH developed by magicomm checks that all of the form has been entered correctly. If it hasn’t then a message is returned to the adjuster via their mobile phone informing them exactly which parts of the form are wrong and advising them of the steps they need to take to rectify it.

Only when the form has passed all of the business rules will the ASH allow the process to continue. All of the form data is then converted to computer readable text using magicomm’s extended HWR libraries. At this point the adjuster has the option to correct any key data such as the file reference or date of visit. When they are satisfied they then submit the form by ticking a box. The ASH then takes the data and posts this to GAB Robins along with the form images which goes directly into their claims system for processing.


The benefits of the digital pen and paper solution for GAB Robins are extensive these include:-

  • Forms are now available at GAB Robin’s offices in Bradford less than a minute after being completed
  • The data on the forms is now guaranteed to be accurate and complete
  • The adjusters no longer have to post or fax their completed forms thus saving them many wasted hours
  • Claims are now processed in a matter of days (sometimes hours) rather than weeks
  • Improved claims efficieny means improved cashflow and cost savings

GAB Robins have been so impressed with the digital pen solution that they have now rolled out the technology to other areas of their business such as subsidence claims where magicomm have deployed a dockable solution to once again, aid the completion and efficiency of a seven page claim form.

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