Step 1


Choose or design your form

Import an electronic version of a form that you currently use
Create a new ‘digital pen friendly’ form from scratch using Quick Designer – within minutes.

CareShare Configure data screen
Step 2


Configure for data capture

You can configure your form further using the Careshare® designer as follows:

  • Specify multiple email addresses for the form to be sent to as a PDF attachment when it is returned
  • Configure the fields on the form to specify any that are to be converted into computer readable text.

Range includes:
•  Alpha Only
•  Numeric (Range specific)
•  Alpha-Numeric
•  NHS Number (with look-up)
•  Specific formats such as a postcode
•  Cursive (Joined-up) Handwriting (with Knowledge Base)

  • Define the feedback provided (if any) to your users handset or work-station when the forms are submitted
  • Choose the data output type i.e. XML, csv if required
  • Define the integration modules for the data to be input into an existing back-end system
Print form


Print your form

Print the required number of copies on your compatible local colour laser printer using Careshare’s print management software engine.

Writing on form


Use your form

Complete the form using a digital pen.

Forms are completed in the same way as if you were using a standard pen and paper. No additional processes are required apart from simply ticking SEND or docking the pen.

Send via mobile phone

Docking cradle for  G303


Mobile or Docking

Transfer the data via a mobile device* or  Bluetooth Node by ticking Send on the form or placing the pen in a docking cradle attached to a PC.

Either way Magicomm’s Mercury software will instantly send the data to Careshare®. If required the form will be checked for completeness and receipt confirmed to the user.

* Mercury is compatible with  the following platforms :
• Blackberry
• Nokia Symbian series 60
• Windows Mobile
• Android

Integrate  screen


Instant access to data

Your data will appear in the Careshare® validation interface within a minute ready for viewing, editing or integration into any back-end system.